audit your pay per click account

Maximising effectiveness in a competitive world

I understand just how competitive the pay-per-click world is and can apply my many years of experience and knowledge to ensure you’re getting the most value from your advertising spend. From analysing your active ad campaigns and assessing performance through to optimising your keywords, bid strategies and campaign settings, i will you identify ways to sharpen up your PPC performance.

I believe in a data-driven approach that ensures every decision made within your PPC ad account is backed up by evidence and counts towards maximising results. That's why I'm committed to analysing every inch of your PPC account to identify and promote what works, while removing what doesn't. With my expertise and attention to detail, you can be confident that every move i make is grounded in hard data and aimed at achieving your goals.

My PPC Audit Process


Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the lifeblood of search PPC accounts, but if not managed properly, they can quickly become unwieldy. From jumbled match types within ad groups and campaigns, to the absence of negative keywords, and overlooked opportunities for expansion, neglecting and underutilising keywords is all too common. I can help identify which keywords are performing and which need to be removed or negatived out of your campaigns.


Account Structure

An impeccably maintained PPC account is an organised and efficient PPC account. The significance of account structure, naming conventions, and overall organisation cannot be overstated. When you need to quickly locate a setting, keyword, bid, or ad group, or evaluate performance to make informed decisions, having a well-organised account can save you valuable time and money. I will ensure that your account is in optimal condition, easy to navigate, and primed for success.


Ad Copy

As a PPC specialist, I thoroughly review various components of ad creative. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of ad copy, the rotation of ads, the utilisation of ad extensions and ad types, and their relevance to the campaign. I provide guidance on how to optimise click-through rate (CTR) and response rates by making improvements to these elements.


Budget Reviews

As a PPC manager, I understand the importance of budget management to ensure effective ad campaigns. I thoroughly review the current deployment of budget to identify any wasteful spending on irrelevant queries, and assess if campaigns are impacted by insufficient budget or low bids. I also carefully evaluate the relationship between bids and budget to ensure the right ratios are maintained, and that appropriate bid strategies are implemented for optimal results. My goal is to make sure your budget is utilised wisely to maximise the success of your PPC campaigns.


Conversion Tracking

As a PPC expert, I understand the critical role of accurate data and reliable conversion tracking in assessing campaign performance. I am adept at handling data with confidence, and I ensure that conversions are accurately tracked, proper attribution rules are applied, and any automated, conversion-based bid strategies are tailored to the campaign's objectives. I take meticulous care in ensuring that the data used for performance evaluation is dependable, enabling us to make informed decisions and optimise your PPC campaigns effectively.


Utilising your budget in the wisest way

With my comprehensive research and expertise, I can provide recommendations that I believe will greatly enhance your PPC campaigns. My goal is to ensure that your budget is utilised wisely and your ads effectively reach the right audience at the right time. My PPC audits go beyond analysing current performance; i also proactively identify opportunities based on emerging trends and features across various ad platforms. i strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide insights that can leverage new opportunities to further optimize your PPC strategies.